Z)Z  Om77'( Lopchu Tea Company Limited | Your cuppa that cheers


welcome_imageLopchu Tea, uniquely favoured by the cool environs of 4800 ft. altitude, bourgeon your finest garden fresh pure Darjeeling Tea. Lopchu Tea Estate nestles in a glen overlooking the majestic Kanchunjunga peak, shrouded in natural beauty uninterrupted by the  rapid changes in landscapes across the world. 

The propitious climatic conditions and soil of the region, germinates and nourishes the lush green tea bushes of Lopchu. The two leaves and a bud are lovingly nurtured by the natural green resources, hand picked with utmost care,  uniquely manufactured and blended using traditions handed down over generations. With great assiduity, your Lopchu Tea, the champagne of tea, is matured in special bins until they are ready to be packed and served to you. Savouring the mystical aroma of Lopchu cuppa will envelope you in Nature’s hospitality and the enchanting beauty of the Himalayas.

We strive to sustain God’s gift of these natural elements and ensure that we meet your highest expectations of quality and aroma in the tea that we produce. Over the decades, we have steadfastly persevered, without compromising, our goal of only serving you “The Best”. This does Limit the quantity of tea that we can make for you, but, we hope you will understand and encourage us. We aspire for your continued patronage of the unparalleled and desirable flavour of Lopchu.

Lopchu Tea, your “cuppa that cheers”, is a natural source of antioxidants. As researched by modern medicine, reduction of cholesterol and obesity, protection against cancer and heart diseases, are some of the health benefits of drinking tea.